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     My name is Jack. I’m in my early twenties and I love adventure. The second I came out of the womb I pushed the doctors and nurses aside ….marched nude out of hospital and traversed deep into the wild…where for ten years I was raised by wolves. True story. In other words, my childhood was like any other.

     Jokes aside it wasn’t long before I really did have a genuine thirst for everything outdoorsy. Fortunately, my parents are equally obsessed with nature. As a result, my childhood was a whitewash of outdoor pursuits. Holidays were never sitting around the pool, they were spent trawling up mountain sides…sometimes in the completely unsuitable rental car…In order to locate some ancient ruins completely ignored….usually for health and safety reasons….by the travel brochure.

     At Primary school I was…well….i was a terror. The down side of an incredibly active life was my incessant restlessness. “Jacks a capable student….but he just wont sit still and shut up.” Secondary school marked a gradual change, my love of guitar became obsessive as did my general infatuation with everything musical. Whilst, my increasing freedom meant I was able to vent more of my restlessness outside of the classroom. Subsequently, by the end of school I’d transformed. I went on to study history at Royal Holloway and became obsessed with everything ancient. The same boy seen as pretty much a waste of time at primary school finished up with first class honours.

     Sooooo you’re thinking why did this troublesome child, turned first class honours graduate then create this website of literal absurdity. Well, I guess I wanted to give something back. Throughout my life I’ve been lucky enough to have an incredible network of friends, family and mentors to keep me on the straight and narrow. However, I would argue my main stability has come from the outdoors. Anytime, I was frustrated or stressed I’d get out on the bike and go for a ride, by the time I got back I was always in a better place. This website aims to inspire, to encourage others to get out on their bike, even just around the block and discover both the physical and mental rewards of cycling……ahhh but I hear you ask “ whats your reason for the crazy abstract and often damn right bizarre literal tone?!.” Well I’m glad you ask…….ten years being raised by wolves was bound to have some psychological repercussions....

     I'm a photographer, explorer, writer and fitness fanatic....oh and most importantly a complete Mad Hatter! If you want to get in touch go to my " CONTACT ME " page.